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Hi! I’m Georgiana and this is a place where I share my passion for behavioural sciences.

With more than 8 years of experience in communication and training, I use neuroscience insights, behavioural economics principles and cognitive psychology in my approach to talent development. Trained in International Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, I studied Communication and then pursued a master’s degree in Social Cognitive Psychology at University College London.

With an excellent academic background and a thirst for continuous learning and personal development, I have studied, worked and lived in France, Romania, Greece, Italy, and the UK, cultivating an outstanding cultural awareness. In 2016, I was shortlisted in TOP 10 PPMA Rising Stars, UK.

I started my career as a journalist, having worked for a couple of years as a TV journalist, online journalist, and public relations specialist. I consulted media and political figures on their communication strategy, and I am now applying my psychology and communication knowledge to create training for Microsoft. I am passionate about behaviour change and I put this knowledge into practice in both personal and business coaching, with a focus on personal development and change management.

Here’s more about my professional experience: LinkedIn.

You can also find me on Twitter.

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